모델 "Level AFM의 연구용 Version" 





- 다양한 측정이 가능

   Contact, dynamic (vibrating), lateral force, force spectroscopy, MFM mode

   옵션 사항으로 EFM 을 측정할 수 있습니다.


2.사양 :

    - Lateral resolution: better than 5 nm(0.19nm)

- Height resolution: better than 0.2 nm(0.026nm)

Maximum vertical scan range: 30 um (고객요구에 따라 확장 가능)

- Maximum sample size: 4 x 4 cm

Manual positioning range: 5 x 5 mm

- 레이저 측정방식

  - 3D, molecular grids unit cell 지정이 가능한 소프트웨어


                          독일 Anfatec사의 홈페이지--->


모델 "Level AFM의 교육용 Version-Eddy" 



lateral resolution

better than 5 nm (at standard samples)

height resolution

better than 0,4 nm (atomic steps)

maximum scan range

30 mm (standard, others possible on request)

maximum sample size

4 cm x 4 cm

manual positioning range

5 mm x 5 mm


130 cantilevers of different types, small empty cantilever boxes, tweezers, sample holders, over 15 different samples


contact mode

dynamic mode

lateral force mode

but also some more enhanced experiments like

force spectroscopy

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

Magnetic Force Microscopy (2nd trace imaging)

Electrical Force Microscopy



모델 "Level AFM의 고진공 Version

-HV(High Vacuum)" 



It includes a turbo molecular pump and an oil free pre-vacuum pump,

that evacuate the vacuum bell jar within less than 10 minutes to a pressure of 10-5 Torr.

The main application for this device is for samples, which have been prepared in HV chambers and cannot be stored
under ambient pressure for a long time without changing their surface properties.

Data Sheet:
  • PLL based feedback control
  • fast & reliable pumping system
  • final pressure: 10-6 Torr
  • pumping time: < 10 min
  • scan range: 30 mm
  • lateral resolution 5 nm
  • height resolution: 0,4 nm
  • frequency resolution: 0.2 Hz


Level AFM의 가격 정보




1. Eddy  교육용및,기초 연구용으로 sample set 이 포함되어있습니다.

판매가: 4천5백 만원 (부가세별도)

             - 15 cantilevers

             - 1 calibration grating UMG01

             - 20 sample holders

             - 2 sample boxes

             - Tweezers



2. Standard 연구용으로 다음과 같은 내용이 포함되어있습니다.

판매가: 6천만원 (부가세별도)

             - Vibration isolation table(옵션)

             - Hardware-linearized scanner

             - Glass bell jar

             - 100 cantilevers


3. Spotty high quality를 위해 다음과 같은 내용이 포함되어있습니다.

   판매가: 9천만원~1억원 (부가세별도,아래사양 옵션)

             - Vibration isolation table

             - Hardware-linearized scanner

             - Glass bell jar

             - Value set of cantilevers

             - Circular laser diode

             - EFM incl. KPFM

             - Computer system with intl. Support

             - Two 19 TFT monitors

             - Full version of SPIP imaging Processor


                                                               위 가격은 환율에 따라 가격 변동이있습니다.



STM(Scanning Tunneling Microscope)


Parameter survey

Maximum Z-range: 2 µm 
Maximum X- and Y-Range >> 600 nm
Noise in Z-direction < 0.05 nm
Noise X-direction < 0.1 nm
Current noise < 20 pA
Z-noise (approached) < 200 pm
Lateral / vertical resolution: atomic

Sample holder diameter

12 mm

  • Golden (chemically resistive) vibration isolated
    STM body with implemented preamplifier
  • Computer with PCI board based SPM controller
  • Anfatec Scan & Anfatec Present
  • 19 “ STM controller (extra low noise 24 bit converters)
  • HV display for z-direction
  • high voltage amplifiers for the x-y-tube scanning
  • optional: PC controlled bi-potentiostat
    and electrochemical cell
Provided modes:

  • constant height mode
  • constant current mode
  • distance spectroscopy of the tunneling
  • tunneling voltage spectroscopy
  • dI/dU spectroscopy



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