나노 인덴터--나노경도 + 다이나믹모드 + 나노 스크래치 + AFM

BUKER사의 나노경도기는 세게최고 기술의 BRUKER사의 AFM 모델 DIMENSION ICON의 PLATFORM을 기본으로 하여 제조 설계 되어,

최고의 열팽창 안정성과 내진동,내음향성을 가지고 있습니다


                      최첨단기술의 상징 BRUKER사!!!

                                         *** 나노인덴터의 전체 시스템 구조***



모델 NANO FORCE 특장점  

*****전화나 연락 주시면은, 이 모델의 특장점에 대하여,  상세히 설명 드리겠습니다.*****

Supreme Thermal Stability


Data Acquistion rate : 100kHz


Displacement noise floor, RMS 0.1 nm

Excellent load frame stiffness 0.3 µm/N


Positional accuracy --->0.1 micron    


Time constant (20µs) 

Superior measurement physics lead to the highest levels of  accuracy in measurement


Best in class user experience

Highly intuitive, simple user interface

Powerful control capabilities support on-the-fly experimental parameters

Standard vacuum chuck simplifies sample mounting procedures

Optical turret-mounted AFM streamlines visual access


   All-in-one, turnkey system with Dynamicammode and AFM as standard


Supreme Thermal Stability and Environmental Isolation

Unique platform design pairs with proprietary materials to rapidly achieve stability – allowing testing to commence faster


Software-Based Thermal Drift Correction

NanoForce systems exhibit extremely low thermal drift (0.025 nm/s) but the
Nanoscript software also measures the drift rate and corrects for it – eliminating the potential for drift to negatively influence results

***나노인덴터의 시스템 구조***

Bruker사의 최고명성의 AFM 모델  Dimension ICON Platform 사용

   •Stage 이동 거리 : 155 mm x 140 mm (XY), Z-Stage Travel >20 mm

•XY 스테이지 이동제어 분해능과 프레임 강직도 : Resolution 0.1 μm & Frame Stiffness >5e6 N/m

•최대 4개의 샘플 동시에 장착 가능하고 진공 CHUCK 장착



                                                       ***나노 HEAD  구조***



Dynamic Test Mode  for  Thin film, Polymers,Bulk Materials

1.Methods that enable the determination of stiffness continuously through the course of the test – yielding valuable information that would otherwise require hundreds or thousands of tests

2.NanoForce’s head assembly offers a low noise floor and enhanced dynamic response – leading to outstanding results in dynamic mode

-Measures stiffness continuously as a function of depth

-Streamlines studies of thin films

-Enables fatigue studies of devices & components supports characterization of polymers

-NanoForce systems enables analysis of the phase shift. This image demonstrates the phase shift at a constant load over 10 seconds for both elastic (Test 1) and viscoelastic (Test 2) materials.



                               ***OPTICAL SYSTEM ELEMENTS(샘플 포지셔닝등의 현미경 구조)***




                                                   ***NANO LENZE AFM(3차원 원자현미경)***

                                                                                        측정 전후,  샘플 표면의 3차원 측정


나노 스크래치





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