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Model Olympus Advanced Reliability Test System


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The Olympus Advanced Reliability Test System is designed to perform highly accurate in-situ component level evaluations of the tribological performance (stiction, friction, wear and corresponding levels of acoustic emission, magnetic signal and thermal asperities) of magnetic and magneto optical disks and heads. Testing can be performed in the same conditions that the drive is specified, at either single disk or cartridge levels.

Olympus systems are ideal for QC and production with up to eight testers per system and for R&D with four or less testers per system.

Olympus testers have the highest technology available and are the best value on the market.

Typical tests performed on Olympus testers are:

  1. Basic Start-Stop Test on the Disk Landing Zone
  2. Start-Stop Test with Periodic Head Seeking
  3. Continuous-Seeking Test
  4. Continuous-Dwell-Flying Test
  5. Park-Stiction Test
  6. Fly-Stiction Test
  7. Dynamic Load-Unload Test
  8. Load-Unload Tests at Different Disk Speeds
  9. Combination of the Load-Unload and Seeking Test
  10. Simultaneous Measurement of the Dynamic Gram-Load and Friction Force
  11. Magnetic Signal Degradation during Start-Stop Test


Small Footprint
The small footprint allows users to better utilize the available space in environmental chambers and clean-room benches.
Flexible Hardware
Designed to simulate the geometry of most disk drives with form factors 5.25", 3.5", 3.0", 2.5", 1.8", and 1.0". Provides user controlled spindle speeds (up to 20,000 RPM), acceleration and deceleration with back-cogging simulation, in both CW and CCW directions, as well as any pre-defined non-linear acceleration profile simulation. Capable to start and stop at any defined radius and sector on the disk.  Allows for use of both up and down heads. Simple head mounting and loading. Z-height set with an integrated micrometer.
Precision Friction Gauge
The proprietary friction gauge allows for precise measurements of stiction and dynamic friction. The instrument is stable and linear from 5o to 70 o C and from 0% to 95% relative humidity.
Seeking Capability
The high performance servo allows for precise high-speed sweeping and seeking during test cycles. Capability to return to the same radius. Seek and sweep can be set as random or pre-defined.
Low-Distortion Chuck
Original spindle chuck ensures minimal distortion of tested disks.
Microsoft Windows Interface
For ease of use, all configuration, control, and data presentation are done via a user-friendly Windows?/sup> 95 or Windows ?/sup> 2000 interface.
Data Acquisition System
Complete data acquisition system allows for simultaneous real-time measurements and data analysis of friction, vertical load, acoustic emission, spindle velocity, magnetic signal amplitude and thermal asperities.
Data Management
Software allows for fast data processing in a convenient presentation format. LAN and Internet compatible.


Proprietary Two-Dimensional Force Sensors
The small footprint allows users to better utilize the available space in environmental chambers and clean-room benches.
Acoustic Emission
Detects high frequency head/disk asperity interactions (up to 5.5 MHz).
AE White Paper
  PDF File,  810Kb
Ramp Load/Unload
Standard ramp supplied. User's unique ramp is easily accommodated. An absolutely flexible 4 degree-of-freedom ramp is optional with micrometers controlling the ramp position. System control allows users to define the load/unload parameters.
Ramp Load/Unload White Paper
  PDF File, 202Kb
TAA for GMR, MR, Inductive and MIG Heads
Software control of write frequency, write current, bias current and gain. Selectable bandwidth.
TAA Specifications
  PDF File
Thermal Asperity Detection for GMR and MR Heads
Detects high speed thermal asperity events with total count over user defined time. 3-D Mapping and display available.
TA Mapping White Paper | PDF File, 392Kb 
Low RPM and High RPM Options
Friction testing at spindle speeds from dragging at 1 RPM and up to 20,000 RPM.
Independent Tester Control
All testers (up to 4 per system) can perform different testing sequences, be started/paused/stopped independently. 
In-Tester Altitude Control
Simulate altitudes from sea level to 30,000 feet inside of each tester individually. No exterior altitude chambers required.
Intentional contaminant introduction. Precise control of sample temperature.
Quick Media Mount
Easy screwless mounting of media with minimal distortion.
Quick HGA Mount
Fast installation and removal of HGAs with easy to use clip. No screws required.
Optical Option
Automated, high resolution system integrated onto a CETR spin stand. Monitors the head-disk interface as well as the disk manufacturing processes by measuring the reflectivity of polarized light from the disk surface.


110 V AC +/- 20 volts
50 to 60 Hz
10 Amp maximum load (includes monitor and computer)
Environment for Test Spindles with Instrumentation
Temperature range: 5 o to 70 o C
Humidity 0% to 95% RH
Altitude to 30,000 feet
Friction Gauge
Proprietary design, ultra low drift and hysteresis
3.2 kHz nominal resonance
Range ?20 grams or ?50 grams
Resolution <0.03 grams
High Speed Seek
75 Hz maximum frequency of seeking
25 Hz sweep at 20mm stroke
75 micron positioning resolution
2800 rev/s
2 maximum acceleration
Proprietary DSP spin control
Standard RPM range from 1,000 to 15,000 RPM, ?0.5%
Optional RPM range from 1 to 20,000 RPM, ?0.5%
Linear acceleration and deceleration control to ?1%
Non-linear user-defined acceleration profiles
Precision, quick mount screwless disk clamping
Data Acquisition and Control
Complex cycle generation and manual mode operation
300K samples/sec maximum data rate
Computer system: Pentium-III w/ 64MB RAM, and 17" monitor, optional LAN card, and/or fax/modem card.
Computer system is customized per customer's needs
(software is installed with alllicenses included)

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Olympus HDI Reliability Test System Brochure (PDF file 580 Kb)


Custom configurations are gladly provided.

All systems include installation, training, 1-year full warranty and are backed by the best customer service in the industry.


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