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Mobile Optical Surface Analysis

The TRACEiT® system with some material samples.       


Measuring area: 5 x 5 mm

Measuring Z-axis:2mm

Resolution z-axis: 2.5 μm

Resolution x/y-axis: 3.0 μm


Data points x/y-axis: 1500

export files: .txt   .bmp


HDD: 120GB


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, 4MB

Display: 12.1", 1280 x 800 WXGA


power supply: 100 - 240 V, 65 W

system weight: 5.0 kg



Basic Functions

The new patented TRACEiT® system is a fast, mobile, non-contact surface profilometer. It enables highlyprecise 3D-topography analysis and measurement of roughness values Ra opt, Rq opt and Rz opt. TRACEiT® is the first instrument in the market that analyses, documents and evaluates the visual appearance and thus the visual impression to the human eye.
Visual impression, 3D surface profil and parameters as result of a measurement
  • Mobile
  • Fast, simple, and highly precise
  • Reproducible and able to be calibrated
  • Visual impression and topography
  • Documentation, analysis, and values
  • Wear and failure analysis

The measurement system consists of a sensing head connected to a modified notebook. All operations are via interaction of sensing head and notebook, where data storage, evaluation and analysis take place in. Data can be exported to other programs for further analysis. The system is independent of external power supply and other controls and allows measurements at almost any location.



2D surface profile
Surface contact area
Visual impression


Applications, e.g.:
  • Automotive, Aerospace, Marine Engineering (leather, textiles, coatings, plastics)
  • Paper industry (drawing-, printing-, safety- paper, tissues)
  • Medical (skin cancer evaluation, scar over)
  • Cosmetics (skin structure, homogenity)
  • Art (paintings, sculptures, wood)
  • Buildings (facades, wall-papers, floors)

The mobile system generates fast and reproducible visual impression and 3-D topography of the exact same area.

Based on the data from visual impression and topography the system calculates evaluation values for the visual impression and topography (e.g. roughness values). The mean values are based on up to 1500 scans in the x- and y-directions. These values can be given in x- and y-direction independently as well as along a freely drawn line. Mean values are given including standard deviation.



Transmitted light unit for the local density characterisation of translucent materials like thin films, papers, textiles, ...

The additional TRACEiT® module enables the direct correlation of the surface topography, visual impression and the density distribution (e.g. the cloudiness of paper or thin materials) of exactly the same area.

The obtained density distribution profile can be evaluated by the TRACEiT® software regarding to the density / intensity variation and distribution.



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