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Drowsy Truck Drivers


Drowsy driver crashes cost $12 billion and contribute to up to 35% of the 4,400 annual truck driver deaths. Fatigued drivers are often unaware of their condition, frequently driving for 3-30 seconds with their eyes totally closed! High miles and long hours make truck drivers prone to drowsy driver crashes. Drowsiness affects other transportation operators such as pilots, railroad engineers and ship operators. Fatigued operators can lead to serious consequences, as exemplified by the Exxon Valdez disaster.


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Solution: The Copilot (모델명 일명 부조종사)

Attention Technologies at NREC has developed the Copilot, the first device to accurately detect and track drowsiness and provide a warning to the driver. The audible and visual feedback from the Copilot can help the driver maintain his alertness until he reaches a safe place to stop and rest. Drivers using the Copilot will have an additional safety net that will help them avoid catastrophic and deadly crashes.

이 계측기는 상업용으로는 눈의 깜박임의 횟수를 계측기에 내장된 디지털카메라 시스템이 촬영분석하여, 졸음/피로 정도의 수치로를 계측기 정면에서 나타내어 지속적으로 경고하며, 어느정도 수치 이상의 경우, 경보부저소리도 울려주어, 정상수준의 운전상태로 회복될 때까지 즉시 운전을 멈추도록 경고시킨다 . 졸음은 서서히 오는 경우도 있지만,

운전자가 못 느끼는 순간 일순간 매우 위험한 혼수상태가

오기도 한다. 이러한 위험에서 운전자를 보호한다..    

The Copilot                

                                               <자동차에 설치된 COPILOT>The Copilot image

Core Description

Attention Technologies at NREC has developed the Copilot, the first device to accurately detect and track human drowsiness and provide a warning to the driver. The Copilot provides a continuous real time measurement of eye position and eyelid closure. A direct measurement of drowsiness is calculated from the analysis of slow eyelid closures. In particular the Copilot calculates PERCLOS or percent eye closure, simply defined as the proportion of time the eyes are closed over a specified time interval. The Copilot provides a visual gauge representing the driver's drowsiness level and an audible warning when a preset drowsiness threshold is reached.


The Copilot has the potential to prevent many of the deaths and injuries caused by drivers falling asleep behind the wheel. Since drivers are often unaware of their deteriorating condition, feedback from the Copilot alerting drivers of their condition can persuade them to stop and rest. In addition the Copilot can help drivers maintain their alertness until it is safe to stop.


The Copilot design is based upon a uniqe patented technology that uses eye closures to detect drowsiness. This method has been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to detect drowsiness. When the Copilot detects that a driver is getting drowsy, the Copilot will beep. The driver can then look at the display to determine the level of drowsiness and take the appropriate action. The Copilot takes advantage of the way the human eye reflects light. The monitor captures two simultaneous images of the subject at two wavelengths of light. The two images are processed using a simple and computationally inexpensive technique. The result is a rapid and direct signal indicating the position, height and width of the pupil. Alternative systems using a single image typically require expensive and powerful computers and employ complex and computationally expensive image processing algorithms.

또한 분석기 Version이 있어서, 운전자의 졸음 피로도를 분석하여, 운전자개인의 시간대별 졸음수치를 분석하여, 운전시간대를 적절히 분배할 수 있을 뿐 아니라, 눈동자에서 반사되는두가지 빛을 계측기가 감지하여,  눈동자 동공의 위치, 높이, 폭을 컴퓨터상에서 분석할 수 있어 총체적인 운전자의 재난방지를 다양한 안구분석을 통하여 이룰 수 있다


The Copilot image 


  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)


왼쪽부터3개의 LED등이 황색이며, 오른쪽 3개의 LED등은 적색이다.

황색은졸음이 이미 온 것을 나타내며, 왼쪽에서 4번째인 첫번째

적색등이켜질 경우 심각한 위험 수준에 온것을 나타내며,

계측기에서졸음수치(0.08부터~0.18까지) 나타내어 지며, 이수치를

운전자의운전시간대별 피로분석에도 이용된다.

첫번째 황색등과 적색등에서 경보음이 발생된다.



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