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모델 BLACK MAGIC!!! (Hot Mill용 그리스유-주요성분 Calcium Sulfonate Complex)

          -방수특성이 매우 높다.

          -부식방지도가 매우 높다.                    

          -내마모,극압특성이 좋다.

          -중앙 그리스시스템의 사용에 좋다.

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Chem and Lube has combined the technolog of calcium sulfonate complex with an oil designed specifically

for the extereme conditions found in the Hot Strip Mill.


For years, it has been known that calcium sulfonate greases have produced resistance to mechnanical

breakdowns, withstood extreme pressure and have possessed very good anti wear properties and excellent

resistance to corrosion.


To these excellent qualities, we have added good pumpability, great water resistance and an ability to

withstand extreme temperatures.


Black Magic has no heavy metal content which accounts for its extended wear capabilities and has a great

appeal as an environmentally friendly product.


Black Magic offers the followings ;

         *Performs over a wide temperature range

         *Exhibits good shear stability

         *Possese great water resistance properties

         *Provides protection against rust and corrosion

         *Possesses good anti-wear and load carrying abilities

         *Suitable for use in central grease systems.


Black Magic calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease is part of a new generation of lubrication grease technology.

A thickener system comprising of a novel inorganic/organic complex is responsible for Black Magic's truly

outstanding characteristics. The results of extreme bench testing and successful applications in the field

indicate Black Magic has no serious shortmcomings or weaknesses.


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