각도기-디지털 타입

고분해능의 디지털 각도기로서 자동차,성형,정밀기계부품,건설토목등 매우 편리하게 다양하고

정밀한 각도를 측정한다.


*Digital Dispaly can be locked. Possible to measure even if you cannot see the display when measuring.

*Possible to select display of degrees and minutes or degrees.


                                    90° 30''          90° 50''

*Measuring range : Outer angle 60°- 180°

*Possible to issue a calibration certificate.


New Point

Function for selection of unit display. (Select between 1minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes.)

This new version is lighter than the previous one.

Extension bar option added. (The extension bar are easily installed.)

     Extension bar maximum length is 300mm



Mesuring Angles

60°~ 180°

Display Resolution

1 minute (or 0.01 degree)

Measuring Accuracy

±5 minutes

Unit Display

Degree/minute display and decimal system display (Unit dispaly is selected by switch and set in degree/minute display as standard.)


Three batteries of AAA-size type

Battery Life

Net operating time is about 100 hours. (at 20°of circumference temperature)

Operating Condition

Temperature is 0 - 40 (Please use at 20 to keep measuring accuracy)
Humidity is 0 - 80% (without dew drop)Net operating time is about 100 hours. (at 20°of circumference temperature

Body Weight




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