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DIN 51819


장비 구성품의 크기


• Test rig W x D x H, approx. 0,6 x 1,2 x 1,7 m

• Switch cabinet W x D x H, approx. 0,8 x 0,5 x 2,0 m

• Test rig incl. mounting space W x D, approx. 2,5 x 2,5 m


FE8 과 FE9의 차이점


FE 8
시험이 완료되는 경우 ;
--완료 된 시험 시간
--시험 베어링의 마찰력이 과도화 되는 순간
--최대 시험 온도를 넘어가는 순간
--최대 소음을 넘어가는 순간(옵션)

시험의 결과, 베어링 파트의 내마모도,  마찰변화, 온도 측정.

FE 9
Testing is completed when
- the frictional moment of the test bearing is exceeded
The result of a test is the running time (life time) until exceeding a limit
고정하중 고정 마찰 속도에서 온도를 계속 올려가면서  5개의 시험베드에서 각각의 베어링의 마찰계수가 정상수치를 넘어갈 때, 즉 Seizure(=베어링의 융착)이 발생시, 시험을 자동 종료 시키고, 베어링와 그리스의  수명 Life Time을 측정 한다.




aniblue12_next.gifFE 9  구름베어링의 그리스 수명 시험기

Scope of application

● The FE8 rolling bearing lubricant test rig can be used to examine the tribological system “rolling

bearing”. The FE8 test device can be adapted to a wide variety of operating and ambient conditions.

Consequently, it has a versatile field of application so that both applications from the practice and

lubricants, rolling bearing materials and rolling bearings can be examined under their specific operating


● The examinations comply with DIN 51819

● Test parameters for the examination

– rolling bearing type ("test bearing"): angular contact ball bearings, taper roller bearings, thrust


– lubricant: oil, grease

– speed: 7,5 – 4500 rpm

– temperature: RT – 200°C

– axial test load: 10 kN – 100 kN

● Testing is completed after

– completing the test time

– exceeding the frictional moment of the test bearing

– exceeding the maximum temperature

– exceeding the maximum noise development (option)

● The result of a test is the wear of the parts, the frictional moment and the temperatures


Test method, interpretation

A test run on the FE8 test device is carried out as follows:

● Two test bearings, the parts of which have been weighed, are mounted into the test rig.

For grease testings, the bearings are greased prior to mounting. During the test run, the

frictional moment of both bearings and the temperatures on their outer rings are recorded.

After the run, the wear of the bearing components is measured.

● Such test runs are carried out at least twice, each time with new, unused test


● The wear rates are statistically analysed acc. to Weibull and the frictional moment is

plotted as a scatter band versus running time. Dependent on the bearing condition, photos

or graphs of the functional surfaces provide further information on lubricant distribution and

condition. Important FE8 test results can be summarised in a few data (see next page)



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