Surface Property Tester(ǥ Ư )


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//ũġ پ Ư

                                                       -Ϻ SHINTO 귣 HEIDON, TYPE14


                                                                                    Shinto ѱ븮 ѹ̻ մϴ.


:    Type 14FW

Travel speed


Drive motor

DC Servo Motor

Drive method

Rack and Pinion

Travel Distance


Travel Mode

Single Mode: Auto Stop After Traveling Set Distance

Repeat Mode: Both-way Operations over Set Distance (Maximum of 99,999.999 times)

Measurement Range

0-100gf or 0-2000gf

Table Dimensions

240mm x 120mm

Safety Equipment

Overloading Safety Equipment

High Frequency Noise Prevention Circuit

Dynamic Strain Amplifier

Zero Point Adjustment: Digital Servo Auto Zero Resetting Method

Output (Non-linear): ±5V (±0.05% FS or less

Sensitivity Switching 0, 100, 50, 25, 10% FS

Filter 1, 10, 100Hz, Pass (Low Pass Filter)

Usage Environment

0-50℃ RH 85% or less, non-condensing

Power Supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

Overall Dimensions

Main Unit: W630mm x D350mm x H580mm

Standard Accessorie

Loading Converter 1 unit, Flat Indenter 1 unit, Scratching Needle 1 piece, Vertical Gage 1 unit, Peeling Clip 1 unit, Combination Weights 1 set, Power cable (2P with E, 2m) 1 piece, Acrylic Cover 1 piece, Tools 1 set, Parts Case I unit, Operation Manual 1 book


TriboSoft, Various Measurement Probes, Hot Plate, Y-direction Stage, etc.


                                                                                          뵵 Scratch Tester (÷ܱ, BRUKER)  

                                                                                                                    SHINTO HEIDON ũġ TYPE18


                                                                                                    SHINTO HEIDON  ǥƯ TYPE38


Ʒ ɼ 𵨺(Type) ġ ġ Ÿ Դϴ.



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