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New Cutting Technology

with TTS CYGNUS Ball End Mills

<From News Paper of Mold and Die Industry,Japan>

Molding Die Processing Cost Reduced by 40%!!

New Method Developed and Allows for 10-Times Deeper at Low

Speed !!


Recently, Mold Engineering Consultant has developed a new cutting technology for

Molding Die processing method that greatly reduces processing time and costs, as compared to conventional method.   With new method die molds are processed using NC machine set at a low rotation speed along with a Tool, CYGNUS Ball End Mills (Negative Ball End Mills) that is equipped with blades developed for which each blades has a very large cutting capacity.

This unique and revolutionary technology is expected to rapidly become a popular choice within the industry as it allows for the use of normal NC Machines without any special modifications.

The so-called “high-speed feeding” method in which cutting and processing is performed with the NC machine rotating at a high speed has been the mainstream in the die mold industry and so more and more high-speed NC machines have been introduced.  However, the method developed is a low-speed processing method that

performs processing at less than half the rotation speed used for conventional cutting methods.

When the number of rotations is lowered, the corresponding cutting amount also drops.Therefore, this new method has employed blades that are each capable of 0.5mm-1mm (0.    02”-0.04”) cutting capacities, which is between 5 and 10 times the cutting depth provided by conventional methods.  In this manner efficiency has been greatly improved thanks to the lower speeds and greater cutting capacity.What makes this cutting possible is the unique tool configuration developed.  The strength of the tip was increased by placing its raking surface at a continuously changing negative angle.  This dramatically increased the cutting capacity for each blade.  Furthermore, damage caused by the heat of the blade tip has been greatly reduced as the cutting is operated at lower speeds and so less heat is generated.  As the result, the life of the tool has been increased 2 to 4-fold.

This new Cutting Technology can be applied to a wide range of applications from Roughing to Finishing.  A unique characteristic of this technology is that it can even perform very deep milling and direct milling on very hard materials.  Price competition in the die mold industry has become very intense.  However, conventional costs can now be reduced by 30-40% with introduction of this new processing method.  Plans are to actively promote this new processing method by providing our tools with expertise in the areas.



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