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deal for a wide variety of uses in quality and production control and product control and product design applications, these test systems include a 95 Series Variable Speed Test Stand, S-block Load Cell, and Digital Monitor Controller. They provide for digital documentation of force readings in pounds, kilograms or newtons and speed or deflection in inches or millimeters. Variable speed capability combined with force and deflection data offers maximum versatility for general purpose and specialized testing.

These automated test systems provide accurate and documented testing for specialized applications.

The automated test systems provide accurate and documented testing for specialized applications. The Digital Monitor automatically controls the test stand and records peak force and deflection. One push of a button will start and stop the test, return the test stand to its original position and print a report or graph with optional printer. Com-Ten's C-TAP software can allow full test control and reporting from a PC. The 95 Series Tester has up/down/stop motor control, crosshead jog feature, emergency stop, infinitely adjustable speed, and high speed return. The Com-Ten Message Central displays test speed, deflection, direction and error reporting.

Special Features:

*Test stand capacities to 5,000 pounds

*Speeds up to 30 inches/minute

*Speed and deflection readings standard

*13 Interchangeable S-block load cells with capacities from 4 to 5,000 lbs.

*Accuracy to ±0.1% of full scale

*Includes calibration certificate to ASTM and Mil Spec standards, traceable to NIST

*Can be used in conjunction with C-TAP Test Acquisition Software Converts from

*tensile to compression quickly using optional cages

*Over-force protection standard

*Rugged and durable construction

*One-year guarantee


(0.11kg~10,000kg Force,신율,접착력,마찰력등 다양한 시험방식적용 )

수동식 아나로그타입~전자동제어및 데이터 저장방식, 가변속도조절식등 모델에 따라 다양한 사양.

수동식의 작업이 매우 간편, 자동식제어 소프트웨어 작업자에게 매우 간편

다양하고 신뢰성 높은 Force Censor, 센서설계및 제작기술



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