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Industrial Plant Emulator(산업용기계 주요부구성 제어원리시험장치)


The Industrial Emulator / Servo Trainer is ideal for studying control of practical systems in both the educational and industrial work places. A variety of features support the introduction and removal of non-ideal properties that are prevalent in real-world industrial applications. The mechanism provides for the easy adjustment of:

Drive and load inertias

Gear ratio

Disturbance torques (programmable)

Viscous or Coulomb Friction


Drive Flexibility

This system is furnished with a comprehensive set of experiments that provide an excellent introduction to applied control system fundamentals. It includes a special section on practical control implementation where the above non-ideal properties are studied and their effects mitigated through feedback control. Further experiments address practical issues such as sensor quantization, sample period, and drive saturation.

No. Configurations Six. Those shown plus two. SISO, SIMO, & MIMO (requires optional software)
Secondary Drive Standard. Programmable disturbances - spatial & time varying plus viscous friction. MIMO operation
Actuator Inertia Adjust.: .0004 to .0024 kg-m^2
Load Inertia Adjust.: .006 to .025 kg-m^2
Gear Ratio 6 speeds from 1.5:1 to 24:1
Dynamic Freq's Poles & zeros adjustable in range from 3 to 10 Hz.
Size 30x30x51 cm (12x12x20 in)
Feedback High res., 16,000 counts/rev.
Actuators (2) 0.3 N-m contin., Fe-Co brushless
Servo Amp's (2) 5 KHz current loop bandwidth




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