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제품명 ECP Inverted Pendulum(폐쇄형 진자 역회전제어 실험장치)

This unique ECP design vividly demonstrates the need for and effectiveness of closed loop control. It is not the conventional rod-on-cart inverted pendulum, but rather steers a horizontal rod in the presence of gravity to balance and control the vertical rod. As detailed analytically in the manual, the plant has both right half plane poles and zeros as well as kinematic and gravitationally coupled nonlinearities. By adjusting mass properties, the characteristic roots may be varied to make the control problem range from being relatively simple to theoretically impossible!

The mechanism includes removable and adjustable moment-arm counter-weights on the vertical and horizontal rods for easy adjustment of plant dynamics. It features linear and rotary ball bearings at the joints for low friction and repeatable dynamic properties. 

Dynamic Frequencies Poles adjustable 0.4 to 1.2 Hz
Feedback High res. encoders, 16000 counts / rev. (theta) 12,800 counts / m (x)
Actuator 0.6 N-m Fe-Co brush type
Servo amplifiers 5 KHz current loop bandwidth
Size 30x30x56 cm. (12x12x22in)
This system is furnished with a set of experiments that provide for the identification of system dynamics and implement various control schemes for nonminimum phase and conditionally stable plants (right half plane poles and zeros).



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