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제품명 Control Moment gyroscope(자이로스코프 제어 시험장치)
제품정보  ECP's four axis Control Moment Gyroscope is a dynamically rich system that provides superb demonstrations of multi-DOF rigid body control. Elementary experiments are readily performed that readily show the fascinating phenomenon of gyroscopic torque and its use in precision high authority control. More advanced topics range from MIMO linear control to fully general nonlinear control with singularity avoidance. Thus the system yields demonstrations that are intriguing to the layman and post-doctorate alike! In addition, the plant may be used to emulate the control of satellite attitude. Stimulating experiments first show the open loop nutation modes and then demonstrates their effective control.

The apparatus includes low friction slip rings at axes 3 and 4 for unlimited range of motion, and precision encoders for feedback of all position and velocity states. A host of safety features such as fail-safe brakes, inertial switches, and real-time watch-dog monitoring provide for safe operation of the apparatus.

Feedback High resolution optical encoders
Actuator High torque density rare earth magnet motors
Range of Motion Continuous, all axes via precious metal slip rings
Servo amplifiers 1 KHz current loop bandwidth
Size, weight 50x50x48 cm, 16kg.
(20x20x19 in., 35b.)

This system is furnished with a set of experiments that provide for the identification of system dynamics and implement various linear and nonlinear control schemes for the SISO and MIMO plant configurations.




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