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Type of Business


Hanmi Industries Ltd. is one of the leading Korean distributor and is proud of having contributed to development of domestic industries by introducing advanced technologies from sophisticated instrument & equipments of high tech manufacturer in USA, Europe and Japan.


Market Served


Scientific and industrial community is served through an established network of 7 regional distributors and covered the whole country by our selves.  Hanmi's main business is manufacturer's representative and engineering service.



Market Report According to Region


1. Taejon-Research Complex

2. Inch'on -Heavy & machinery, automotive industry

3. Pohang(near by Yongdok) - Steel Manufacturing
4. Ulsan - Automotive & Steel & Chemistry & Oil Complex                 

5. Changwon(near by Pusan) - Defense and machinery Industry

6. Ch'ongju - Semiconductor Industry

7. Kumi(near by Taegu) - Semiconductor and Textile Industry

8. Daesan(Sosan) - Chemical Complex

9. Yochon(near by Yosu) - Chemical Complex

10.Pusan - 2nd biggest city and Harbor town

11.Sea Coast - 4 Nuclear power plant and many thermal

     and water power plants.



Financial Year


January 1st to December  31st









Handling Items & Principals:



A.Tribology Business


A1.Tribometer-Friction/Lubrication/Wear/Micro~Nano Scratch/Adhesion/Nano Hardness.


Bruker Nano Inc.(USA, formerly CETR)

1.Macro & Micro & Nano Tribology Tester for Scratch,Adhesion,Delamination,Creep,Friction and Wear

   ---> Rotational Pin on disc, Reciprocating, Block on Ring,Spirial and various tribological motions            

2.CMP Tester and Semiconductor industry.

3.EPD(End Point Detection) Device-Pad Probe for Wafer CMP Process

4.Retainer Ring for CMP

5.Magnetic Media Tester


Plint from Phoenix Tribology LTD/UK

1.Tribology for Automotive, Steel & Lubrication industry,

                    Material & metallurgical engineering and Medical Engineering.(for High Load and Temperature)

2.Universal Testing Machine for 2-25Ton Mechanical Static, 1-100Ton Hydraulic Dynamic.
3.The various test rig for Automotive Industry like Engine test rig, Car seat tester.

                    Semi rotary clutch test rig, Schock absorber dynamic Tester.

4 Dynamic Vibration Table,Transmission tester, Forming tester, Torision tester, Drawbead tester.



1.Timken, Pin & Vee Block Machine

2.Pin & Vee block

3.Tapping TorqueTest Machine

4.Thin Film Evaprometer     5.Miller/SAR Number Abrasation Tester


Taber Industries/USA

1.Many kinds of Abrasion Teste(=Wear tester)r

2.Shear Scratch Tester


Norman Tool Inc./USA

1.RCA Abrasion Tester for UV coating,mobile phone, home appliances and etc.

2.Pneumatic Finger tester for Switch & spring durability test and Keyboard and Keypad wear test.




1.Portable Pendulum Type Skid Resistance Tester.


Willaim English/USA

1.Portable Slip & Traction Tester for Floor (Safe Engineering)



1.Haptic Test Machine-Celluar Phoen, Automotive

2.Chemo Mechnical Abrasion Tester-Mobile Phone,Home Apliances,Electronics and etc.


A2.Grinding,Lapping,Polishing Machine

    - A few famous makers in USA and Europe



B.Scratch & Indenting Hardness Tester(Macro~Micro~Nano)


Bruker Nano Inc.(USA, formerly CETR)

1.Scratch-Coating Adhesion & Hardness Measurment

2.Indenting Hardness tester-ISO14577 Hardness, Young's modulus, Tensile and von Mises stresses, 

                                     Dynamic Indention-Vibrational mode for elastic-plastic analysis of polymers and

                                     continuous-stiffness measurements



C.Topography Business-Roughness/Waviness/Microstructure 2D/3D Measurment

Semiconductor & LCD Application-Bow,Warpage,SORI,TTV,LDOF,Thickness, Stress,Flatness Measurment

Autotomitve Industry-Engine,,Gear, Deckface,Lead,Seal,Horning,Piston,Cylinder bore.

Ellispsometer, Refelctometer, Curvature Measurment


Bruker Nano Inc, USA(formerly Veeco)

1.Contact 3D Profiler-Model Detktak

2.Optical 3D Profiler


4.AFM + Raman Spectrometer


    -2D/3DImage, Contour, Roughness,Waviness, Flatness, Bow Parameter

    -Alpha Step to measure thin film thickness

    -EPD and Inspection Application Sensor Solution for Producion line, Inspecition Machine




1.Portable Surface Roughness Meter.


TTS Unlimited/JAPAN

1.Portable Video Microscope



D.MBE(Molecular Beam Epitaxy)



E.Residual Stress Analyzer(XRD)



F.Oil & Predictive Maintence Equipment,Tester

Predict/DLI / USA.

1.Ferrographic Analysis

2.Portable analyzer for Predictive Maintenance.



1.Portable & On-line Viscometer



1.Cannon Fenske Viscometer and etc.


Tribometrics Inc. / USA.

1.Portable oil analyzer for PM



G. Mechanical Property Tester.


COM-TEN Industries/USA

1.Compression & Tensile Tester for 2g~10,000kg 10t

2.Portable tester for pullout strength tests and nondestructive Testing of

   welded, staked,threaded, epoxied, and power-driven fasteners.


DFD Instrument/UK


1.Manual & Automatic Type Pull-Off Adhesion Tester




1.Testing Instruments for the Rubber, Textile, Plastic and Metal Processing Industries.



H.Educational Equpment for College and University.


ECP Systems/USA

1. Educational Products

    - Model 205 Torsional Plant

    - Model 210 Rectilinear Plant

    - Model 220 Industrial Emulator

    - Model 505 Inverted Pendulum

    - Model 730 Maglev Apparatus

    - Model 750 Control Moment Gyroscope



1.Educational Software for Process Control

2.Production Development Simulation software for Process Control



1.Educational Products

2.Automotive technical training program.




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