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    Piston Wall Scanner

  • 비파괴로 피스톤 전체외벽의 코팅표면 상태 및 가공상태 검사


Visual evaluation and documentation of outer piston surfaces was expensive up-to-date and the results produced were often inadequate.

Only by multiple photography with a special camera and stitching of the individual images one can evaluate defects like polished and shiny areas, scratches, sink holes, voids, pits, carbonisation, seizure marks, corrosion spots and defective coating. This elaborate procedure enables possibly the pictured documen-tation of the complete surface but is little economic.

The PistonScan instrument, however, scans the entire surface with high resolution so that the complete piston surface is  displayed as a whole.

This is accomplished using a photo diode rod with an integrated light source to scan a large part of the surface in one go. The piston is put on the rotating supporting disk using an adapter plate and the scanner rod is adjusted to the proper working distance using the cursor keys.

The scan is started by pressing a key and runs fully automated. The instrument lends itself for all common piston diameters.

The specifically developed software package runs under Windows XP and evaluates the defect size distribution and polished and defective coating areas.

The software can be customised taking into account the specific and classified checking criteria of the customer.

New and used pistons can be checked


  • Surface inspection of piston walls



  • Non-contact automated inspection of piston running surfaces
  • Motorised rotation of the workpiece and displacement adjustment of the scanning bar
  • Recording and preview mode
  • Suitable for all common pistons for cars and commercial vehicle
  • Data acquisition with standard PC, data export: QDAS, Excel, ASCII
  • Data evaluation software for pore and polished area definition



  • Simple recognition of surface defects
  • Clearly defined pictured documentation and filing of the surface structure
  • Ergonomic operation and scanning of the complete outer piston surface without dead zones
  • Scanning of all kinds of cylindrical objects